Allied Counseling Group

Family & Marital Counseling


Allied Counseling offers Individual, Family, Marital, Relationship, and Divorce Counseling Services by appointment. Please call
(301) 698-7077 to schedule appointment and get additional information on admissions to this program.

Costs vary according to insurance coverage and benefits available per your individual health plan. Some coverage is also available with EAP coverage. If you are using insurance, please contact your individual health plan to get information about the benefits available to you including the following:

Deductible to be paid out of pocket (if any); Copay schedule; maximum number of visits per calendar year; number of sessions authorized to you upon first request


Please fax enlarged copies of both sides of your insurance card to: (301) 698-5671, along with your phone number(s), policy holder's name and date of birth, your name and date of birth, home address and the employer's name providing the policy. Without insurance, fees for marriage and family therapy are $125 for the initial evaluation session and $85 per session thereafter.

Services for individuals involved in divorce and custody issues require a pre-paid $100 retainer for expert testimony fees. Therapists participating in court testimony charge $100 per hour for this service, plus travel expenses if necessary.